From concept to assembly.
Integral solutions blending hi-tech and traditional processes.

1 / Concept

We are deeply inspired by our surroundings, by the unique geometry of nature.

Our team is specialized in the conception of experimental and technically demanding pieces of art.

2 / Design

We translate art into science. Our cutting edge technology and parametric design process allows us to create artworks that not long ago could only be dreamt.

3/ Manufacturing

Digitally designed. Handcrafted honoring tradition

With the use of digital fabrication tools, the repetition of a same design is no longer an advantage. This is an essential characteristic of this technology that turns to be the perfect ally of uniqueness. Artisanship on its side leaves always the unique print of the artisan making each piece special and irreplaceable. Artisanship and digital fabrication turn to be the perfect couple.

4/ Delivery & Assembly

Made in Barcelona. Delivered and assembled worldwide.

The final step on the delivery of an art piece is part of the design process from the very beginning. We conceive the design always paying attention to the logistics of shipment, installation and maintenance. This is the only way the piece can keep shining at its best along its entire life. All pieces come with a detailed instruction and maintenance manual that graphically explains the assembly process step by step.

An experienced multi-faceted team developing exceptional art installations with engineering precision.

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Calle Mendel 4, 08034 Barcelona

Monroy 2 30203 Cartagena, Spain