An inverted topographic composition that covers the ceiling of the a restaurant in Madrid creating a cove-like atmosphere.

Around 2000 aluminium tubes of different diameters and lengths cover the main hall of the Tucana restaurant in Madrid. Its different finishes in matt gold and silver, and the lighting integrated in the panels generate an irregular texture of light and shadow. The tubes are arranged in circular panels that ensure easy installation and maintenance of this decorative ceiling.

  • Client

    Tucana Restaurant, Tattoo Contract

  • Location

    Madrid, SP

  • Material


  • Dimensions


An experienced multi-faceted team developing exceptional art installations with engineering precision.

+34 936 31 85 25 /

Travessera de Les Corts 223, Local 8, 08028 Barcelona

Monroy 2 30203 Cartagena, Spain

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