A sculptural ceiling for a Restaurant in Madrid


We started this 2022 with an express project by Tattoo Contract.

The challenge was to design a sculptural ceiling that would create an intimate atmosphere in the dinning area of the Tucana restaurant in Azca, Madrid.


We had to generate an inverted topography that enveloped the diners and transported them fully into the culinary experience.

We use references such as caves, sea beds, or skies.




Several different options were considered and finally, working with the architects and the property, it was decided to use gold and silver anodised aluminium tubes.

The position of the light sources hidden between the tubes increases the sensation of inverted topography that we were looking for.

The diner will be in a cave, concentrating on enjoying the menu.



The ceiling surface was divided into a series of circular modules of different diameters. Each of these modules would be structurally the same but compositionaly different.

The apparent irregularity of the ensemble is not such. This decision facilitates the management of fabrication and assembly, which is particularly important in projects working to tight deadlines.


Another aspect that had to be coordinated in record time was the acoustic absorption of the space. Our metal sculpture needed absorbent elements next to it to prevent the sound wave from reverberating and being distorted by the irregular geometry of the piece. Absotec did an impeccable job manufacturing acoustic panels tailored to the structure that supported the installation.

The installation was designed considering the shape, the lighting, and also the acoustics of the space. Only that way the diner can feel in the cave, purely concentrated on enjoying the menu.


Despite the fact that we were the ones who assembled the piece ourselves, we did not fail to generate the step-by-step instruction document that saves us so much trouble.

To generate this document we have to simulate the process step by step in 3D. In this way we detect design errors. It also helps us to identify the critical aspects of the pre-installation that we need to coordinate with the site team before installation. Ivan from Tattoo made everything very easy. It was a pleasure to work with him, Pablo and the rest of the team.

The Result

The result is an elegant and welcoming space that is the perfect setting for the magic to happen at Tucana.

Images by Melón Yubari